About Us

Our tradition began with the Maffei and Simone families in Bari, Italy, over ninety years ago. Family and friends would come and enjoy the warm invitation of the dinner table. Each member of the family would contribute a special dish to the meal and at the center of the table was a large wooden bowl filled with fresh garden salad that was overflowed with color. The basket of Domenicia Simone's focaccia was passed around to each person. Make from marinated dough, the focaccia was baked and then topped with sweet Italian tomatoes and fresh spices. These recipes were just the appetizers that dressed the table, welcoming the hearty meal that followed. This was dining Bari style. These recipes and traditions have been passed down for three generations. So from traditional pizza to thick or thin pan pizzas, we know you will enjoy Vito's Gourmet Pizza's unique combination of old and new world cuisine. Thank you & enjoy!